Our services draw on the art + science of skilful conversations to…


We train leaders and managers in the art of skilful workplace conversations.


We facilitate skilful workplace conversations between members of a team.


We coach leaders and emerging leaders through a series of skilful 1-on-1 conversations.

“Change is promoted to the extent that everyday conversations are altered. This can occur by changing who is in conversation with whom, how those conversations take place, increasing conversational skills, what is being talked about, and by asking what is being created from the content and process of current conversations. Talk is action.”

Gervase Bushe and Robert Marshak

Training for managers + leaders.

We offer a range of training programs in the art and science of skilful conversation for managers and leaders. Our programs are neuroscience based and provide skills that make workplace conversations inclusive and productive.

International Coach Federation approved coach training for leaders and managers

Become skilled in holding effective coaching conversations that inspire ideas, action and accountability. We offer a range of training options – Transforming Insight coach training for accredited internal coaches (3 months); Internal Coaching Skills training (1 month) and Foundations of Coaching Skills in the Workplace (2 days).

Brain-wise leadership

Integrating key insights about the brain into the art of leadership enables leaders to access the genius latent in their own brains, and become skilled in empowering others to do the same. Brain-wise Leadership Training is a dynamic whole-brain, whole-person, whole-organisation approach to developing leadership capacity.

Mindful conversations

When we become aware of the habitual patterns that drive our reactions, a new palette of choices is available to us. Mindful Conversations is an 8 week course (1,5 hours per week) that hones our ability to tune in to our patterns, to attune to what is being communicated. It allows skilful response moment to moment, through open, connected conversations..

Skills for specific workplace conversations

There are certain types of conversations that managers and leaders need to have again and again: one-on-ones, performance reviews, running meetings, giving and receiving feedback. Sometimes these can leave team members disheartened, defensive, unimaginative and lacking accountability. When held skilfully these conversations have the potential to produce lively ideas and tangible action.

Facilitation of conversations.

In partnership with our clients, we co-create processes that encourage frank and lively conversations within teams and across organisations. Facilitation of these skilful conversations generates shared understanding, new vocabulary, common purpose, and allows the emergence of a clear way forward.

Team coaching

Engage the whole team in addressing challenges and opportunities. This accesses their collective wisdom, allows the team to define their purpose, and commit to unique, self-generated goals and solutions.

Strategic planning

Create a shared vision that informs where the team or organisation is going, what it does and how it does it. Distinct from operational planning, high quality strategic planning asks tough questions about how the organisation or team wants to respond to internal and external realities.

Working with change

Organisations deal with change every day, and this presents challenges to individuals and teams. Skilfully facilitated processes can help people understand the purpose of the change, how they connect with it, to deal with anxiety and possible resistance, and to explore the possibilities of new ways of working.

Organisational culture interventions

Sometimes an organisation’s culture holds it back from achieving a shared desirable outcome. Identify the culture by recognising the core narratives that shape what people think and do. Invite systemic change through skilful conversations that allow the emergence of a more adaptive, flexible and responsive culture.

Employee wellbeing

Organisations are crippled by stress, poor health, absenteeism and burn-out. Support employees to find resilience through group coaching sessions that address key wellbeing challenges.

Enneagram-based interventions

Use the Enneagram personality profiling framework to create higher levels of cohesion and performance. The Enneagram offers a shared understanding of team dynamics in a way that is both powerful and fun.

Coaching through 1-on-1 conversations.

We support managers, leaders and emerging leaders to perform at their best through a series of skilful coaching conversations. Our coaching methodology is structured, supportive and grounded in neuroscience. Goals and measurables are clearly defined, aligned with organisational objectives, and deeply connected to the unique needs of the individual.

Executive coaching

Support high level people to approach the complexity of their work with clarity and ingenuity, and ultimately to deliver on their organisational mandate.

Leadership coaching

Support leaders and emerging leaders to interrogate and develop a strong sense of their own leadership presence, and then build the skills, courage and inspiration to actively involve others in bringing about focused and beneficial change.

Career development coaching

Support employees to consider their own careers in ways they never have before and to take responsibility for their own career development.

Transition coaching

Support employees through the unease of transitions, whether they are entering the organisation, taking on a new role or promotion, or preparing for retirement, so that they can continue to contribute in a meaningful way as they move from one phase to the next.