Thoughtsmiths core team leaders.

Anne Heslop

Anne has focused passionately on the development of people for 25 years, in and out of the workplace, with clients in South Africa and internationally. Her formal psychology training, combined with extensive organisational experience, offer clients powerful, incisive development and transformation processes that set them up for success. She facilitates, trains and coaches individuals and teams in small and medium organisations as well as large international corporates. Anne specializes in leadership coaching with CEOs, executives, managers, in fact any individual who recognizes that success – whatever that means – is a choice. A recent move from Durban to Cape Town offers Anne all she needs – extraordinary work opportunities, time to be with children and two wonderful grandchildren and a chance to explore this beautiful region to her heart’s delight.

Anne holds the following credentials:

• Neuroleadership Group – Coach Training Course, Executive Coaching Course, Team
• Coaching Course, Business Coaching Course and Intuitive Coaching Course
• Accredited with the International Coach Federation – PCC
• Global Coach Trainer, Facilitator and Mentor Coach for Neuroleadership Group
• Member of the global team of Ken Blanchard Companies – coach and trainer
• Member of the global team of Black Swan Consultancy – coach
• Accredited Enneagram Practitioner

Dr Nicola Graham

Nicola is a medical doctor whose fascination with the quality of conversations started early in her career at the bedside of patients. Working within the government, non-profit and then increasingly in the corporate sector, it became clear to her that whatever the field of work, the quality of conversations determines the effectiveness of individuals and organisations. She now focuses on supporting organisations to thrive through enhancing the quality of workplace conversations. She trained as a facilitator, is an ICF accredited coach, and her approach draws significantly on emerging brain science and how it can be applied to facilitate working with greater potency, meaning and connection. She has a wanderlust for the African continent, but now lives in Cape Town with her husband, two children and two badly behaved dogs.

Nicola holds the following qualifications and credentials:

• MBChB (hons) UCT
• Masters in Palliative Medicine UCT
• PG Dip in HIV Management, Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
• Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation
• Certificate of Coaching Skills through the NeuroLeadership Group
• Accredited Enneagram Practitioner
• Currently registered for the PG Cert in Mindfulness Based Interventions through Stellenbosch University

Megan Galloway

Megan is a scientist by training. She spent a decade working as a geologist and geochemist in the diamond exploration industry. She understands what it means to literally search for treasure in the earth, to persist even when the odds seem stacked against you, just because the signs of potential are there. She has learnt that precious and beautiful gems can be found in the most unexpected places. Megan now focuses on uncovering the precious gems that lie within people. Her approach to coaching and facilitation is straightforward, mindful and science-based. Drawing on her martial arts background, she understands that skilful conversation is a fluid dance between strength and gentleness. Megan owns a tent and a husband and is a doting mother to a toddler.

Megan holds the following qualifications and credentials:

• Certificate of coaching Skills through Results Coaching Systems, powered by the NeuroLeadership Group
• Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation
• Member of COMENSA
• Accredited Enneagram Practitioner
• Post-Graduate Certificate Course in Mindfulness-Based Interventions (Stellenbosch University Medical School)
• BSc (Hons) Geochemisty and Geology (UCT)
• 2nd Dan Black Belt

Thoughtsmiths associates.

Dr Monique Saloman

Monique has a background in anthropology and holds a PhD in rural development. She has a long-standing career as leader, trainer, and facilitator, and has worked in different assignments, and research and development settings, across Africa, Asia and Europe. Coaching has been a natural move for her. Monique’s pioneering spirit shines through in all she does, and in work and life, she seeks integration of mind, body and heart. Monique is the founder of Korumo coaching for transformation.

Jaqueline Warner

With 17 years of corporate experience in the telecommunication industry, including sales, marketing, account management, and leading a diverse team, Jacqueline also has nearly a decade of in-house coaching experience. Jacqueline is now coaching full-time. She uses a brain-based approach, and has a warm, enthusiastic commitment to support individuals to engage with their thinking, to gain traction and momentum, and to move forward in a meaningful way.

Pam Picken

Pam believes passionately that organisations stand or fall on the quality of their leadership. During her 13 years as director of TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education) Pam steered the organisation of 55 employees on the brink of financial crisis to a thriving NPO with 200 employees and a budget of nearly R20 million, serving thousands of vulnerable young children, their families and communities. Pam is recognised as a leader in her field and was awarded the Sanlam Bridge Builder Award. She was also nominated for the ShopRite Checkers Woman of the Year. As an ICF accredited coach and through her own organisation, Leadership in Development, Pam now continues her passion and work to develop leaders in the non-profit, government and civil society sector to maximise their potential through support, mentoring and coaching.