Our successful Transforming Insight event, June 2017, Durban.

Another wonderful Transforming Insight process began on 7 June 2017.

It was a crisp winter morning and participants gathered, clutching steaming cups of coffee, unsure of what they had signed up for. The 3 days we spent together were a feast of learning for participants and facilitators a like.

We at Thoughtsmiths always marvel at the unique richness that each group brings to the Transforming Insight process, and also at how our own understand of the work we do deepens every time we run this process as a result of the whole-hearted participation of each delegate. We were blown away by the calibre of this group of delegates and by the skills level attained in just 3 days of coaching skills training. We are confident that by the time we complete our 3 months together, we will be unleashing a group of top quality coach-leaders into the world. We can wait to see what they will do next!

Feedback from participants

“The combination of demo and practice of the skills and model and the approach of this being a learning space made me excited and curious to try it out.”

“I feel much better equipped to make a meaningful impact through coaching through what I’ve learnt.”

“The goal setting process was extremely powerful.”

“Facilitators were clear, well informed, supportive of the learning process and just brilliant. The workshop material is excellent and a good resource.”

“New insight and a new direction!”

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