“A manager tries to change people. A coach knows to grow them.”
Pajak Solo
Why learn coaching skills?
Most leaders and managers want their employees to take ownership, use initiative and solve problems in the workplace. Often they get stuck in making this a reality – frustrated by low levels of engagement or a lack of solution-focused action from staff. Leaders and managers can feel overwhelmed by the escalating demands placed on them to take responsibility for making things happen.

Coaching skills change the way that managers engage with their staff. This shift in approach develops a management and leadership style that builds a thinking organisation: where employees do use initiative, take ownership and exercise increasing responsibility.

What is the Transforming Insight™ Coaching Skills Training Programme?
Transforming Insight is an intensive, highly experiential, three-month training programme that equips managers and leaders with the coaching skills needed to optimise the potential of their staff. Participants will be introduced to an evidence-based approach to coaching grounded in the principles of contemporary neuroscience. They will learn to use dynamic models that fuse the art and science of coaching, in order to lead incisive and creative ‘thinking conversations’.

Who is it for?
This training programme is geared to meet the needs of directors, leaders, emerging leaders and managers.

(Applicants should hold a tertiary qualification and be comfortable with English as the language of delivery.)

What will you learn?
• How to coach individuals and groups towards highly desirable outcomes
• How to listen actively and use crisp, powerful questions to trigger insight and action
• How to bring about change by guiding individuals to define meaningful outcomes, work with a clear strategic pathway, and generate traction through action
• How to reflect meaningfully for greater insight and growth
• How to use coaching skills to increase the potential of workplace engagement, including one-on-one conversations, feedback discussions, performance reviews, team meetings and strategic discussions

Meet the trainers
Lead trainer: Anne Heslop
Second trainers: Dr Nicola Graham, Megan Galloway

Course format
Phase 1
• 3 day intensive skills training (Face to face)
• 8 weekly virtual classroom sessions of 90 mins (Teleclasses)
• Guided peer learning processes (Telephone)
• Mentoring and support (Telephone)
• 1 live assessment of competency (Telephone)

Phase 2
• 2 day skills-deepening training (Face to face)

Is the course ICF accredited?
This course is ICF approved and contributes the following hours towards becoming an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC), either through the ACSTH or Portfolio pathways.

Phase 1
• 34 student contact hours (Synchronous)
• 20 hours of independent study (Asynchronous) – of which 8 contribute towards ICF coach credentialing
• 42 ICF coach specific training hours (34hrs + 8hrs)

Phase 2
• 16 student contact hours (synchronous)
• 2 hours of independent study (asynchronous)
• 18 ICF coach specific training hours (16hrs + 2hrs)

Course modules
Phase 1
1. Foundations of coaching
2. Coaching skills
3. Deepening coaching skills
4. Applications of coaching skills in the workplace

Phase 2
5. Growing the coach

Phase 1
• Standard course fees
Early bird rate – R25 900
Standard rate – R29 000
• Course fees for Non-Profit Organisations
Early bird NPO rate – R11 900
NPO rate – R14 500

Phase 2
• Standard course fees
Early bird rate – R5 500
Standard rate – R6 500
• Course fees for Non-Profit Organisations
Early bird NPO rate – R3 500
NPO rate – R4 000

Phase 1 + 2
• Standard course fees
Standard rate – R30 900
• Course fees for Non-Profit Organisations
NPO rate – R14 900

Book for upcoming Transforming Insight events:

Transforming Insight – Phase 1

11 – 13 April 2018, Cape Town

Transforming Insight – Phase 2

26 – 27 July 2018, Cape Town